Singer-songwriter band inspired by any and every sound that reaches their ears

Nyce! is an eclectic pop group rooted in New Orleans that delivers a highly contagious musical experience filled with emotive soul and uninhibited energy!  The result is an infectious and consistently groovy sound to accompany their  thoughtful, compelling lyrics.  

It all started during the early morning hours in the practice rooms at Loyola University where a friendship between co-leaders Danielle Ryce and Nic Lefebvre blossomed. Amidst her drills of classical pieces on violin, his shedding of jazz tunes on upright bass, and their collective exploration of singer songwriters past and present, a unique mold of original music was formed. Beginning as a duo busking on the streets of the New Orleans’ French Quarter in 2013, the project flourished into a fully fledged band – a 4 piece group that performs and headlines at venues in New Orleans like Tipitina’s, The Howlin’ Wolf, Gasa Gasa, and many more.

The quartet includes violin, upright bass, guitar, drums, plus their powerful vocals. Danielle Ryce’s voice is “indescribable except to say that she sounds like a kicked up Aretha Franklin (Grant Morris of the It’s New Orleans: Happy Hour podcast).” Matched with Nic Lefebvre’s crooning voice, thumping, adventurous bass playing, and musical arrangements, Nyce! produces a sound similar to artists like Lake Street Dive, Queen, Charles Mingus, and Regina Spektor. Inspired from classic genres such as jazz, soul, and rock, it is a refreshing yet familiar fusion of old and new.

Nyce! can be found regularly performing on Frenchmen Street and throughout the city of New Orleans. They have toured to numerous cities across America, including New York City, Boston, Nashville, and more. On their last northeastern tour, they headlined at The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center: The Kate. In Texas, they performed in the Beaumont Boomtown Film and Music Festival. Music from their first full length album, One, has been broadcasted on radio locally and across America. Nyce! was featured on the local New Orleans’ show The 504, where they performed live and spoke about their upcoming album and shows in an interview with the show’s host, Sheba Turk. Lately, Nyce! has been in the studio recording their new EP, to be released in summer of 2017, and planning another Northeast tour. 

With their endearing, dynamic performances, Nyce! is sure to warm and ignite the hearts of audiences everywhere.

The moment Danielle Ryce and Nic Lefebvre met, fireworks filled the bluetiful, sunny sky, rainbows danced like a banner tickled by an overbearing wind, and children everywhere laughed, sang, and rejoiced. A new dawn had begun its ascent, one in which all the world’s nightmares would turn to dreams, all the world’s dreams to realities, and the world’s realities would turn to the imaginary world of infinite possibilities. This introduction was no less than absolutely equivalent the sum of when Starsky met Hutch, Yin met Yang, Mary met Gabriel, Simon met Garfunkel, Santa met Rudolf, Wanda met Cosmo. This duo of perfection soon realized their common denominator; a nauseatingly passionate yet charming obsession with sound. This duo soon doubled, as did the influence of their sound. One can gather that an attempt to describe the music produced by this quartet, no matter how reverent, adoring, and accurate the description may be, is the under-most-statement ever. Rather than make the inevitably feeble attempt of comprehending their awesomeness without hearing their music, do yourself a favor- Listen to their recordings now and see them live as soon as possible!